How to solve problem of msvsmon.exe .net debug ?


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Sep 26, 2018
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I work on core 2.2 I make project with core 2.2 connected to SQL server 2014 .

I already install remote debugger tool on server

I also install visual studio on server 2017

when make remote debug on server I get error

unable to connect to Microsoft visual studio remote debugger name . the visual studio remote debugger msvsmon.exe doesn't appear to be running on remote computer
this may be because firewall is preventing communication to remote computer
please see assistance on configure remote debugging

How to solve this error please ?
please see assistance on configure remote debugging
Did you do that? Did it have any information about opening ports on firewalls? Have you confirmed that msvsmon.exe is indeed running on the server?
what port i will open and how to do that by details
I don't know whether that's the solution or, if it is, what port to open but, if I wanted to know, I'd start by reading the documentation for the remote debugger. That seems to be the step that you skipped, even though the error message suggested it.
and how to check msvsmoon.ex is running
This is a programming forum. Checking whether a program is running on a Windows machine is nothing to do with programming.
Pretty much anything that worked in older versions will also work in newer versions, although there may be better ways to do the same thing in newer versions too. We'd need specific details to be able to give specific advice though.
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