Which c# version is best to study?


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Aug 15, 2013
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Hello everyone, I'm new here and had a question for the experienced c# folks. Had a question for the experienced c# folks. I've decided to begin the transition from network engineer to software developer working with c# asp.net and how to use sql. I will take a year to read up and watch training videos along with doing a crap load of practice projects. I also will be finishing up my bachelors in computer science by june 14.

I already read learn c# in 21 days. I just started reading c# deitel 2010 book and watching his videos on udemy along with learnvisualstudio.net videos (which I love). I was using the 2010 express version but found out last night since I'm a student I have access to the full versions 2010,2012 for free from dreamspark.

These books are on to read list (hopefully there good resources):
Pro C# 2010 and .Net 4 platform
Visual C# 2010 recipes
Pro ASP.NET 4 in c# 2010
Pro Asp.net mvc 4 maybe

My question is since I'm giving myself a year to learn the languages should I focus on the newer ones such as c# 5.0, asp.net 4.5. Is it best to start with the newer technologies and by this time next year those newer version may be in demand. Or since version 4.0 is still being used should I just focus on that?
You should use the newest version but that doesn't mean that you have to use all the newest features. There are a few small differences in the 2012 and 2012 IDEs but to a beginner they are only cosmetic. As for the language and the .NET Framework, new stuff has been added but all the old stuff is still there so any material aimed at 2012 will still be 100% relevant to 2012.
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